Rules-based Printing

Rules-based Printing

Enhanced Printer Fleet Management

The Gartner Group conducted research that found companies spend an average of 1-3% of their annual budget on printing. That comes out to thousands of dollars, but many businesses never consider how much their printing practices cost them.

Because these costs usually go overlooked, potential excesses can go unnoticed too. This means that printing can eat up more of your budget than it needs to.

NW Imaging Analysts can help you measure and regulate your printing processes and expenses. Our Rules-Based Printing solution enables you to:

  • Minimize printing waste
  • Increase the security of your documents
  • Promote personal accountability in your workplace

Benefits of NWIA’s Rules-Based Printing

With our Rules-Based Printing solution, you can control how people use your printers through the machines themselves. You’ll be able to:

  • Set up duplex printing and other waste-reducing policies
  • Establish printing quotas by user or groups
  • Monitor documents printed on your devices
  • See which users operate your devices

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