Document Capture & Routing

Enhance Your Document Processing Abilities

At NW Imaging Analysts, we specialize in helping clients save time and enhance their performance. We offer products and services that enable you to optimize your processes.

Our Document Capture and Routing solution is a prime example. You’ll be able to convert paper documents to digital files and send them to various locations with minimal time and effort.

Document Management

Enhance Your Document Management Projects

If you need assistance understanding your critical document processes, NW Imaging Analysts can help. We provide vendor-neutral workflow assessments and document management consulting.

Details of Document Management

NWIA’s follow these steps for each document management project:

Process Base-Lining

In this initial step, we assess your existing processes. We develop workflow charts that show:

Print Accounting

Find Profits with Print Accounting

Many times, printing costs much more than companies realize. On average, businesses spend between 1-3% of their annual budget on printing alone. This can equal thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. If you can’t keep watch over activity on your printer fleet, that number can get higher due to wasteful or excessive usage.

NW Imaging Analysts has resources to help you get your printing expenses under control. Our Print Accounting solution enables you to measure precisely how much your document production practices cost you.

Rules-based Printing

Enhanced Printer Fleet Management

The Gartner Group conducted research that found companies spend an average of 1-3% of their annual budget on printing. That comes out to thousands of dollars, but many businesses never consider how much their printing practices cost them.

Because these costs usually go overlooked, potential excesses can go unnoticed too. This means that printing can eat up more of your budget than it needs to.


Enhance Your Performance with NWIA’s Document Solutions

NWIA’s top priority is to help clients save time and find profits. Our solutions are a perfect case in point. We offer software and services that will boost your efficiency and reduce your operating costs.

To find out more, check out these pages:

Rules-Based Printing

Monitor and regulate your office’s printing practices better with our Rules-Based Printing solution.

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