Document Management

Document Management

Enhance Your Document Management Projects

If you need assistance understanding your critical document processes, NW Imaging Analysts can help. We provide vendor-neutral workflow assessments and document management consulting.

Details of Document Management

NWIA’s follow these steps for each document management project:

Process Base-Lining

In this initial step, we assess your existing processes. We develop workflow charts that show:

  • Where a document originates
  • Where that document ends up
  • Every decision point in the document’s lifecycle

Through the process base-lining step, you can gain insight into your current and potential processes.

Process Analysis

After our baseline assessment, we analyze your specific processes. With this step, we uncover:

  • Duplicate processes
  • Processes that have become unnecessary
  • Potential options for easing workflow and increasing productivity

Benefit Summary

Once we analyze your processes, we use that information to take stock of your processes overall. We deliver a report that focuses on how much time you spend on:

  • Preparing files
  • Creating files
  • Creating folders
  • Printing
  • Stamping
  • Collating
  • File management
  • Manual routing
  • Manual storing
  • Manual file retrieval

You can then use these measurements to determine the cost benefits of process improvement. You can develop specific, verifiable metrics for figuring out your expected ROI.

Feasibility Analysis

Next, NWIA performs a feasibility analysis that covers:

  • Software options
  • Hardware alternatives
  • Platform options
  • A review of the metrics included in the benefit summary
  • An outline of benefits and costs relating to your ROI

This analysis helps you accurately evaluate the results of implementing a new system.

System Design

We use all of the documents prepared in the steps described above to design systems for your business. Our experts work alongside vendor partners and help you identify needed changes (both technological and non-technological).

NWIA document technology-based changes in the system design document, including:

  • New workflows
  • Application modules
  • User interfaces
  • Client-requested management reports

System design reporting includes all the information necessary for developing acceptance-testing criteria

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