Lease & Contract Review

Lease & Contract Review

Enhance Performance and Find Profits with the Best Copier Lease Terms

If you’re leasing equipment right now, have you ever actually taken the time to read the back of your lease agreement?

If you haven’t, don’t feel too bad—in our experience, plenty of people don’t. But dust off your magnifying glass and take a look at those terms. You might start feeling bad then.

Most agreements have very unfavorable terms for customers. Typical copier lease terms include:

  • Annual payment escalations
  • Renewal or “evergreen” clauses that automatically extend leases at the end of a term
  • No early return option
  • Required minimum service volumes (which you’re billed for whether or not the lease is active)

At NW Imaging Analysts, we don’t believe in trapping clients in agreements that drain their budgets. We work on your behalf to create the most customer-centric lease programs in the marketplace. It’s one more way we help you find profits and enhance performance.

You don’t need to worry about the fine print. When you sign a leasing agreement with NWIA, you’ll see big gains in productivity and big savings over time.

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