Ricoh unveils Workstyle Innovation Technology

Ricoh Europe, London, 21 October 2016 –

Ricoh today announced a set of new, fundamental technologies which form the building blocks for a new generation of its office products. Known collectively as ‘Workstyle Innovation Technology’, these components – from app-based touchscreen interfaces to seamless cloud integration – are designed to help users work faster, more flexibly and more productively. 

Featuring in Ricoh’s current and future MFPs, printers, unified communication systems, projectors and other products available from Ricoh and its business partners, Workstyle Innovation Technology comprises:

  • Simple, familiar interfaces that make complex tasks quick and easy to complete
  • Easy sharing and collaboration, making the most of flexible, multi-device working 
  • Tight integration with powerful business software and cloud collaboration tools
  • Apps and software that tailor the way devices look and perform 

“Workstyle Innovation Technology is a clear example of how Ricoh is listening to customers across the globe to help them overcome specific business challenges,” says, Takaya Konno, General Manager, Imaging Systems Business Center, Ricoh Co.,Ltd. “As a long-standing innovator in office automation, Ricoh’s Workstyle Innovation Technology strategy allows customers to respond to structural changes and challenges in businesses of all sizes. Crucially, this includes workforces that span multiple generations, smart devices and cloud computing to make anyplace, anytime and anywhere workstyles a reality”.  

Simply smart devices
Ricoh’s new generation of multifunction printers puts advanced capabilities in your hands. We start by providing a new kind of user interface (UI) that does away with confusing options and menus and can be customised with features and functions users need to get the job done. 

Flexible working made easy
Ricoh’s new generation of intelligent technology is built for flexible office environments and remote working practices. This offers you enhanced connectivity and access to your print and document infrastructure without the need for expensive, time-consuming integration and allows document sharing from a wide range of smart devices.

Discover better ways to work
Ricoh’s technology is here to help you make the transition from traditional workflows to powerful, cost effective digital-first operations. Our solutions make it simple to share data across multiple platforms and physical locations and streamline your common processes and operations.

Work better together
Realise your ideas in real time with teams across town or around the globe using Ricoh’s powerful collaboration and knowledge sharing solutions. Our technology makes it easy to build projects, develop concepts and make well-informed decisions fast, with the people and information you need just a screen away.

Smart support when you need it
Our multifunction printers are simple to set up and manage. The built-in smart support options are here to help you save both time and money. These smart devices come with self-help features that assist you with resolving issues on the spot and allow you to easily communicate with remote support services. 

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