Ricoh TotalFlow Supervisor app provides around the clock printer status

Ricoh Europe, London, 16 November 2016 – Ricoh has launched the TotalFlow Supervisor mobile app to provide European print service providers with an up-to the minute status report on their digital print engines – no matter the make or model.

The free to download app is available for iOS and Android devices from the Apple Store and Google Play store respectively.

This app allows you to monitor all your digital presses using a dashboard that displays the printer device status including ink, toner and paper levels that ensure you are ready to replenish them in good time. The dashboard will also display job status such as in process or complete, and will convey any alerts that the printer broadcasts such as error messages.

Benoit Chatelard, Vice President, Production Printing, Ricoh Europe, says: “The TotalFlow Supervisor app allows you to monitor all your digital presses, review the dashboard, and see what their status is at any time. With the rise in mobile working, it answers the need for access to printer status any time and from beyond the production floor. TotalFlow Supervisor is a remote, more informative version of the light every production printer has that shows its operational health.” 

He continues: “There are very few single manufacturer digital press operations and most systems use an industry standard way of communication. So we took the view that our app should work with any digital press.

“Any digital printer can be added from the office desktop system right up to our continuous feed presses. Clients can add other manufacturers’ systems too. It allows complete production transparency at any time of operation. Print service providers can get a top down view on all their printers.” 

The app is available in English with French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch to follow.  

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