Canon Europe commences sales of the FPA-5550iZ2 i-line stepper and a new upgrade option for FPA-6300ES6a KrF scanners

London, UK, 1 March 2017 – Canon, world-leader in imaging solutions, announced today that it has commenced sales of the FPA-5550iZ2 semiconductor lithography system in Europe, a successor to the FPA-5550iZ i-line, or stepper1, that is known for its stable operation and productivity. In addition to this, Canon has also announced a new Grade6 productivity upgrade option for its FPA-6300ES6a KrF semiconductor lithography equipment.FPA-5550iZ2

The FPA-5550iZ2 is an i-line stepper suitable for manufacturing logic, memory and CMOS image sensor devices, achieving greater productivity and overlay accuracy when compared to its predecessor. The FPA-5550iZ2 inherits the stable operation of its predecessor, and through its capacity for modification, allows for continuous upgrades to its enhanced platform that supports the development of a variety of different solutions to meet diverse user needs.

The FPA-5550iZ2 realises the highest level of productivity (wafer-processing ability) by reducing wafer-processing time through sequence optimisation and the reduction of wafer lot overhead time. Equipped with the proprietary Canon SSC (Shot Shape Compensator) projection optical system, the FPA-5550iZ2 can correct intrafield XY magnification differences and skew. The enhanced intrafield correction capability of the FPA-5550iZ2 provides the highest level⁴ of overlay accuracy when matching to existing fields on wafer.

Depending on the process required, the FPA-5550iZ2 can be equipped with optional solutions that meet a variety of process needs. In addition to realising high-productivity and overlay accuracy necessary to manufacture next-generation devices, the FPA-5550iZ2 options include solutions for colour-filter processes that were developed for earlier FPA-5510iZ and FPA-5510iZs steppers.

Upgrade option for the FPA-6300ES6a
Since the launch of the FPA-6300ES6a KrF scanner in April 2012, Canon has continuously developed productivity-enhancing options, available as upgrades for existing units, that have earned praise and a reputation of high-reliability from the market. When equipped with the newly available Grade6 productivity upgrade option, the FPA-6300ES6a reaches even higher levels of productivity to meet user needs. By increasing stage speed and optimising control processes, the new Grade6 productivity upgrade option greatly reduces exposure process time. It also achieves the industry’s highest level⁵ throughput rate, 255 wafers per hour, to respond to the needs of chip manufacturers seeking reduced cost of ownership. Additionally, by simply changing the process mode, the equipment can balance productivity and overlay performance levels to support chip manufacturing processes that require a variety of overlay accuracies.

The upgraded models inherit the same high reputation and reliability of the currently available FPA-6300ES6a, to facilitate a smooth upgrade for models currently in operation. Additionally, downtime resulting from the upgrade process has been reduced, minimising impact on production schedules. By continuing to provide upgrade options for the FPA-6300ES6a, Canon is supporting users’ increasing productivity needs.